Thursday, February 20, 2014

About Today


Today was Harper’s field trip to Rolly Pollies. Despite the fact that we go there once a week on a regular basis, he was VERY excited. He had a lot of fun running around with his friends and I think it was probably his favorite field trip to date.

Before the field trip Harper got to go to school for just a little bit. They’ve missed quite a few days because of the recent snows, so the class never exchanged their Valentine cards. Today they were finally able to hand out their cards. When he got home we both went through all of his valentines and he was excited to see who gave him which card.

Here’s what he brought in this year:



We had decent weather today, mid 50’s was the high. After nap time Tony and I took the two little kids outside to play. Since Dakota enjoyed pushing the lawn mower around so much yesterday, I thought we’d bring out her baby and stroller to see if she enjoyed that too…and she loved it!  She just pushed that little baby all over the place and she was as happy as can be!


My baby pushing her baby…sweet.


Landon stayed after school today to get some help with math. He was really dreading having to stay at school longer than usual, but when I picked him up he was in good spirits. He said that it hadn’t been too bad and that he felt like he’d gotten the concepts the teacher was trying to teach him. He’ll be going every Thursday from now on and I can only hope that the extra attention will be what he needs to get his scores up in that class.

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