Sunday, February 9, 2014

Our Valentines Day Dinner

Tony and I went out to celebrate Valentine’s Day last night. We went a whole week early to avoid the crowds! Tony made reservations at Osteria 177 which is in downtown Annapolis. Our reservations were for 5pm since we needed to be back in time to get the two littles bathed and in bed.

When we got there they weren’t even open yet as they have a break between lunch and dinner service, so we did a little window shopping while we waited. There are some really cool stores downtown so it’s always kind of fun to walk around down there anyways.

Once the restaurant opened we went in to get our table. When we were seated there was only one other couple in the whole place. It always makes me nervous to eat in an empty restaurant because it makes me think the food might not be that good. As soon as we were seated our waiter came over to take our drink order. I stuck with water while Tony chose a Sam Adams that was on tap.

For our appetizer we chose the beef carpaccio. I’d always wanted to try carpaccio after seeing them make it on cooking shows, but I don’t think it’s something I’d ever choose again. It wasn’t terrible, but I didn’t care for it enough to get it again. There’s just something slightly weird about thinly sliced (raw) meat piled on top of greens…not my thing. We both ordered the house salad as well, but that wasn’t anything special.

Next up were our main dishes. Tony had the Mediterranean Branzino filleted tableside while I chose the pan seared version. While they were both tasty, I liked mine better. It was the best fish I’ve ever eaten and I’d go back just for that dish alone! It was divine. Tony enjoyed his too, but he did find a bone or two…

We finished up with dessert; he had salted caramel gelato and I chose the chocolate dipped profiteroles. Again, his was good, but mine was better! Profiteroles are puff pastry filled with cream then dipped in chocolate. So, so good!

After eating we headed back to the house to get the kids in bed. Once they were in bed we played a game of Scrabble. Not words with friends, but the actual board game. It’s much harder to play when times ticking and the person across the table is waiting for you to make your move! All in all it was a great night but I sure do wish we could do it more often!

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