Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Snore Button

Landon was given an assignment to write an ending to an essay they had read in class. The essays were written in a humorous way, and the subject was dating.  This is what he wrote:

As I was walking out of the bathroom I saw my girlfriend but I also spotted  penny right at her feet. So I decided money was going to get me further in life and I ran to get the penny. But I tripped over someone's pet rock and landed right on the penny knocking my girlfriend over. I got up and asked if she was ok. She didn’t say anything so I picked her up walked her to my house went in my bedroom locked the door and got out my secret piggybank.

This paragraph is hilarious! I mean really, money is going to get him further in life!? A penny? I love his imagination…especially about the part where he carried her to “his” house and brought her in the bedroom and locked the door…oh hell no! He did not do that in my house! Smile

(I wrote it exactly as he did and it nearly killed me! I left out the awful spelling though because I can’t stand all the misspelled words!)


Harper’s favorite thing to say these days is “just kiddin’”. He says it several times a day and I think it’s just so funny when he says it. It’s the way he says it really…I’ve gotta try to record him saying it so I’ll remember how cute he is.

He kept asking to play the computer tonight but he’d already had enough screen time for the day so I told him no. He kept messing with the computer anyway though and when I asked what he was doing he told me he was trying to turn it off. I let him keep trying and eventually he did get it to shut down. Later, when we asked him how he turned it off he said he pushed the “snore button”. There’s a key on the keyboard that has three Zzz’s on it! Love that he called it the “snore button”!


I’m not sure why, but Dakota was extremely tired this morning. We did our usual Thursday thing (take Harper to preschool, hang out at Mema’s until time for Rolly Pollies, go to Pollies, pick up Harper, come home for lunch) but I had to use all my tricks to keep her awake on the ride home. I got them their lunch and I knew she was spent when she didn’t want to eat! She refused to eat and just wanted me to take her upstairs to bed. Once Harper finished his lunch we headed up. She ran to her room, grabbed her special blanket, grabbed the books she wanted me to read and put them in the rocking chair, pushed me into the room and closed the door behind us. That’s when you know your baby is DONE for the day. She couldn’t have been more clear! I read her the books she wanted then put her in her bed…she was asleep in a matter of minutes. I wish it was always that easy!


Today was also my conference with Harper’s preschool teacher. She just wanted to give us parents a glimpse at how the kids have grown over the past several months. She started by showing me a picture she’d asked Harper to draw of himself back in October. It was pretty much some scribbles with a circle on a page. Then she showed me one he’d drawn just last month. The difference was incredible! The newer one had eyes, cheeks, a mouth…very definite features. He did insist though that the drawing was of me and not him. He even drew a chin for me and when she asked him what it was he told her it was my “cute chin”. Smile

Back in October she asked him what he liked to play outside. (She was looking to see if they could articulate in a sentence or two and on topic answer that she could understand.) He told her he liked to play in the sand, in the sandbox.

Then, in January, she asked what he liked to play in the snow. He told her he didn’t like to play in the snow. So, she asked him what he liked to play outside and he told her he didn’t want to talk about it and he was done! Haha! I had to laugh because if Harper is anything, he’s brutally honest! Thankfully his teacher is a good one and also laughed at his response. She just wrote down his answer and kept going.

She also tested the kids on their colors, which he knew. Then she put three bears on the table and asked him how many there were. He told her three. She asked him if he had to count them or did he just know to which he replied that he just knew. Then she handed him a bowl of bears and asked him take out five. He reached in and grabbed a handful, 6 total. He laid them out and counted, then put 2 back. Then he counted them again and then reached into the bowl and grabbed one more to make his 5. She said she didn’t guide him at all and that he was able to come up with his own way of making 5. I thought that was pretty great that at three years old he’s able to make such precise decisions in order to do what he was asked.

I can’t remember everything we talked about but I came to the conclusion that he’s doing just fine. He really has a wonderful teacher and I just love all that he gets to experience in his school each week.

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