Monday, February 3, 2014

The Vranish Bowl

Last night was the Vranish Bowl. We aren’t huge football fans in this house,so in lieu of watching the “stupid bowl” we played silly games with the kids.

I looked up a bunch of Minute To Win It type games and Tony and I made some tailgate type food. We had buffalo chicken dip (EXCELLENT), sliders (so good!), fries and I made an apple pie for dessert. Ok, the apple pie isn’t exactly tail gate food, but I wanted to make one, so I did.


We had all kinds of games. I had some set up for just the big kids and a couple just for the youngest two.

We did one that we inspired by one of my favorite shows, Survivor. I set up three skewers with clips hanging off of them, then gave the three big kids skewers, string and scissors. They had to make a “pole” long enough and strong enough to reach the clip and get their clip over the line I’d made with tape. Brandon won that one and Landon came in second.

See the clip hanging from the skewer?


Here’s Brandon reaching for his clip:


Here’s Zoe going for it. She was only a second or so behind Landon.


And, here’s Landon observing his handiwork.


One of the little kid games was just stacking alternately 3 cans and 3 plates. Of course, Harper had the upper hand because he understood what we were telling him to do, and he was a smashing success! But, Dakota isn’t about to just roll over and let her brother have all the glory! She actually was able to do it too, just in her own way.



We also did a ping pong ball toss. I marked a spot on the floor and everyone had one minute to get 6 ping pong balls into the container on the table. The ball had to bounce at least once before going in and all of us got a chance to play this one.



Another game for the shorties was the 5 block tower. Harper refused to participate for some reason, but Dakota did surprisingly well! I figured she’d get one or two but she did them all (with a tiny bit of assistance).


Then there was this:


Hold a ruler between your teeth and stack 5 dice, one on top of the other. Landon won this one with Brandon close behind.

We also did an obstacle course that required you to hold a plastic egg on the end of a plastic spoon while you completed the course. It was pretty funny to watch!




Tony would get to this part where you’d have to get down to crawl around the living room table and just die laughing! He couldn’t even finish because he felt so silly! It was great!


The last game we played the kids had to try to bounce a ping pong ball down the table and have it stick to a piece of bread that had peanut butter spread on top. It was silly, but fun! Zoe won this one!



See Dakota down there at the end of the table? She was just enjoying herself some of that buffalo chicken dip I mentioned above. It was that good!

We didn’t end up getting to all of the games I’d planned, but we had a good time nonetheless…and it was certainly better than any dumb old football game! Smile

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