Monday, March 24, 2014

Day at the Park

I guess it’s time to do a little blog catch up again. We had a very full, busy weekend and blogging just wasn’t in the cards…


Saturday was a beautiful day. We had temps in the mid 60’s and we all enjoyed a trip to the duck park. I brought a little bread so the kids could feed the ducks, but I don’t think we even saw a single duck in the pond. It was all geese and dive bombing seagulls. Seriously, the seagulls were super quick when it came to getting the pieces of bread we tossed. The geese were barely able to get any.


We took a walk around the pond on our way to the park. Dakota pushed her baby in her stroller almost the whole way, and it’s a pretty good distance.


The boys ran ahead and as soon as they noticed other kids playing in the empty creek bed, they had to do it too. Rocks are for climbing on after all. 



Dakota, not one to be left out, grabbed her baby out of the stroller and started to make her way around to where the boys were. (If she hadn’t decided to poop right before going around, I’d have pictures of her playing on rocks too, no doubt. Instead, I ended up going to get stuff to change her diaper.)


I want some of these trees in my yard. They’re some kind of river birch and I just LOVE the way their bark peels away from the trunk.


Eventually we finally made it to the park and the kids played and played. Harper, as usual, made a friend. They were playing “general store” and she was placing orders as he filled them. It didn’t last long, but it was cute to watch.


Dakota enjoyed swinging. She likes to try out each swing at every park we go to. She’ll start with one, have a few swings, then she wants out and into the next one. I guess she’s trying to see which one is the best.


Landon’s getting a little big for the park, but he had his soccer ball to keep him busy. There were some kids passing one around when we got there and eventually Landon got the nerve up to ask them if he could play too. Well, one of the assholes kids told him no and that they had enough players already. So,Landon went and got his own ball out and within seconds there was a group of them playing with Landon…including the kid who’d told him no in the first place. I thought it was nice that Landon let that kid play even though he’d been rude when Landon had asked.


We spent about 2+ hours out there and we were exhausted when we got home. Dakota fell asleep on the way home and it was tough waking her up. When that girls tired, she’s tired!


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