Monday, March 3, 2014

More Weather

Yesterday afternoon we got a phone call from emergency services regarding the weather that was moving into our area. Basically the message was to let everyone know that there could be up to 14 inches of snow on the way and that we should avoid any travel and to check and make sure we had supplies for a power outage. Getting a call like that makes one a little nervous since we’ve never gotten a call like that before. So, I stocked up on batteries for our flashlights and made sure to charge up my cell phone last night, but that was really about it. We’d already done our grocery shopping for the week, so we were set as far as that went.

This morning it just snowed and snowed but by about 1pm it had mostly quit and was already starting to melt somewhat. We maybe got 3 inches. Schools were cancelled last night so Landon already knew he’d be out today, but when Tony got up it was actively snowing so he stayed home as well. So, we’ve all been hanging out in the house again today, doing the usual, which is keeping the kids entertained.

I don’t hate winter and snow, but I am feeling like it’s time for spring now. I’m ready to have some nice weather so that I can get the kids out of the house. Kids just seem to be happier when they can get outside to play every now and again…and when they’re happy, I’m happy!

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