Friday, February 28, 2014

Five on Friday

  1. Brandon landed himself an awesome new job this week. He won’t start for a few weeks, but this move is more money, better hours and more importantly closer to what he’d like to be doing. (No sales involved!) Congratulations, Brandon!
  2. My poor Dakota wasn’t feeling well today. She was running a low grade fever this afternoon but after her meds kicked in and she ate a little, she was feeling better. I’m really hoping it was just some weird thing and that she’ll wake up feeling great tomorrow.
  3. Zoe and I noticed Landon’s voice cracking tonight. When I mentioned it he was pretty embarrassed, but seriously, you can’t miss it. He sounds half little boy, half man…it’s amusing.
  4. Zoe is applying to be an RA at school next year. She had to fill out a very long and detailed application and next weekend she has a FOUR hour interview with several other applicants to see if she’ll get the job. She’s pretty nervous so lets all keep our fingers crossed for her!
  5. Video’s from tonight’s somersaulting extravaganza. Zoe is hilarious!

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