Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sweetest Dreams

Dakota still hasn’t adjusted to the time change and today I had to wake her up again. I wish that I could have let her sleep, but Harper had preschool today so we had to get moving.

We did our usual thing: rush to get ourselves out the door by 8:40am, drop Harper off at school then head to Mema’s house until time to pick him up. (He’s in school from 9:00 till 11:30.)

When we got home it was time for lunch. Once they were finished with that, it was already 12:50pm! The time just flies by on days like this. Our usual naptime routine is this: Harper goes into my room to watch a show while I get Kota in bed. I spend 20 minutes or so getting her settled and then go get Harper so that we can go downstairs and do whatever while she sleeps. But today, while Harper was watching his show, I noticed that Dakota didn’t seem sleepy at all. Usually she is a mess by 1pm and ready for a nap, but today she was happy and playful and full of energy, so I decided to nix the nap for a trip to the playground instead.



I am so happy we skipped that nap for the outdoor time. It was awesome.

Never mind the fall at the beginning of the video…he jumps up and says “I did it!” and I never did figure out what that meant, but that fall didn’t stop him for a second. Also, it’s hard to tell in the video, but his pants are on backwards. He used the restroom right before we left home and I didn’t realize they were backwards until we’d been playing at the park for about 10 minutes. Also, his underwear were inside out. Thankfully that isn’t anywhere on the video either. When he got down to the bottom of the hill he turned and asked me if I could hear all that wind he made when he ran down the hill! Have I mentioned before how much I adore that kid?

When we left Harper told me that his favorite part was running down the giant hill. Then he asked me what Dakota’s favorite part was and I told him it was probably the swings. And, of course, he asked me my favorite part and I told him it was watching the two of them have fun. It really does make me happy to see my kids happy.

On the way home Harper told me that the night before he’d dreamt about Mario (from the Wii U game Super Mario 3D). He asked me what he should dream about and I told him he should dream about running down the hill. Then he said maybe Dakota would dream about swinging and I could dream about watching them play.

I think there are no sweeter dreams than one’s featuring my babies.

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