Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Visit With An Old Neighbor

We’ve been as busy as ever these past few days. Yesterday we went to an old friends house to visit. She was actually my neighbor for several years in our old neighborhood and she’d invited us over to hang out and to let the two little’s meet her dogs. We got over there around 10am and the kids were super excited to meet the dogs, Ace and Luke. Ace and Luke were equally excited to meet them though and were jumping up on H and D so they were a little afraid of them at first. Once the newness wore off though, the kids and dogs enjoyed each other’s company.

Amy, my old neighbor, had gone out the day before and picked up some Easter eggs and little toys to go inside and when we got there she had her daughter and Landon go outside to hide them for the younger two. Once they were done, we took the kids outside to find the eggs and they had a wonderful time!

She’d also baked some cupcakes and left them unfrosted so that the two kids could frost and decorate their own. I thought it was really nice of her to have thought out these things for the kids to do, and the kids really liked hanging out over there. We’ll have to go back over sometime when it’s warm out because she has a great big back yard that I know my two would love to check out.



As we left, both kids gave Ms. Amy hugs and kisses. They really liked her and being over at her house for a visit. She packed up the kids’ loot from the egg hunt and we headed home. When we got home I unpacked the bag she’d sent only to find a little bag with two wrapped gifts inside. I gave Harps and Koko each one thing to unwrap and they found a couple cute little gifts inside.

Harper got a ball game and a toy shovel filled with candy.


Dakota got a package of bracelets/rings and a toy rake filled with candy.


At dinner last night Harper asked me if visiting Ms. Amy was just a “one day thing”. I told him I thought we’d go back once the weather was nice and he said he thought that’d be a great idea!

Thanks for a nice morning, Ms. Amy, Emily, CJ, Luke and Ace!

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