Friday, April 25, 2014

Five on Friday

  • I was telling Harper about a time when he was still in my tummy (I can’t remember why now) and he had the most confused look on his face. I tried to explain to him that he hadn’t been born yet and that was where all babies started was in their momma’s tummy. He said “Well, if I was in your tummy, where were you?” See what I mean. He was completely and utterly confused, but man did I get a good laugh out of that one!
  • Today, for the first time in quite awhile, the two kids and I didn’t have any plans for the day. Usually we are just running all the time but today we were able to take it easy and do whatever. We played with toys that hadn’t been pulled out in awhile, we did puzzles, we spent unhurried time outside in the sandbox/trampoline and we just hung out. It was awesome. There was nearly zero fighting and 100% contentedness. It was a perfect morning.




  • The kids and I did an activity with contact paper on a window (another blog post on that soon) and it led to me needing to take down a curtain to do said activity. Well, I noticed how dusty the curtain was and decided since that one was down I may as well take the others down and wash them all. Then, since I knew that was going to be a very small load of wash, I decided to take more curtains down…of course, once the curtains were down I didn’t have any reason not to go ahead and clean the windows. So, my little project for the kids turned into a huge project for myself. Guess I better choose their project more carefully from now on! The upside to all of this is I’ve got nice clean windows and curtains and my house smells awesome!
  • Dakota put together a couple three word “sentences” today. This morning she said “Momma, Ginger treat?” and this afternoon when Tony came home from work she said “Momma, HarHar, book” because I was reading him a story. She’s getting there with the speech thing…she’s just taking her time!
  • For Christmas Tony bought me tickets to go see West Side Story. We finally get to go tomorrow and I’m so excited!!

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