Saturday, April 26, 2014

West Side Story

Tony and I went to see West Side Story at the Hippodrome this afternoon. He knows how much I love musicals so he bought the tickets for me as a Christmas gift and I’ve been anxiously awaiting this day since!


We went to the matinee at 2pm because Mema watched the kids while we were gone and it’s just easiest that way.


I knew the gist of the story because I’d read the book and seen the movie back in high school. I couldn’t remember a lot of it but I knew it was about two rival gangs and that there was a love story involved. It was a good story and show but I ‘have to admit that it wasn’t my favorite. I think part of it was that some of the singing was hard to understand. Many of the songs were duets and sometimes it was had to distinguish who was saying what and if it was in English or Spanish! It kind of takes away from the show if you don’t know what’s being said/sang!  It’s the first show that we’ve seen that there were more male performers than female, but that had nothing to do with the like/dislike factor either, just an observation. I guess the bottom line is: I enjoyed the show but probably wouldn’t see it again. (I could tell from Tony’s body language that it was definitely not his favorite either! He admitted that the acting was good but it wasn’t his favorite.)

I have to say though, that while I really enjoyed going to the show, the best part was having some time alone with Tony. We don’t get much of that these days, so I really appreciate the time we do get. (Special thank you to Mema for watching the kids for us! You are a rock star!)

Side note: When I came downstairs right before we were going to leave, Harper looked up at me and said “Oh, Mom! You look beautiful!” As long as my sweet baby thinks I look beautiful, I don’t really care what anyone else thinks. That little boy made my day and I couldn’t love him more.

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