Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Kiersten and Jeff’s Visit

This past Thursday(3/27), Kiersten and Jeff drove up for a visit. In August they’re moving overseas for three years so they came up here to visit with us and many other family members that they have up here. (Jeff grew up in a town not too far from here, oddly enough.)

They left their house in Georgia on Wed and stopped that night before making the rest of the drive on Thursday.They got to Mema’s house around 7pm Thursday night so we didn’t see them until mid-afternoon Friday. As soon as they came in Harper started chatting them up. I’m not sure if he remembered who they were or not (we have pics of them around the house) but 5 minutes after their arrival, Harper was sitting in Jeff’s lap showing him the game he was playing. Dakota was asleep when they got here but when she got up she was much slower to warm up than Harper. She doesn’t take as long as she used to, maybe only 1/2 an hour or so before she’s ready to make friends.



We all went out to dinner then came back here to hang out. It was a nice night so we stayed outside for a bit…

Kiersten channeled her inner child and drove the car around.


Landon and Jeff played a little catch.


Dakota kicked Kiersten out of the car so she could have a turn.


I believe this was a game of tag.



When it got dark out everyone headed inside for a game of UNO…Harper’s favorite!


It was great to see the two of them, but their visit was way too short. Hopefully the next time we see them they’ll be able to stay for more than a few short hours.

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