Monday, March 31, 2014

Sports Camp: Tee Ball


Harper was excited about going to sports camp despite last weeks “tagging” incident. I was feeling pretty worried about the whole thing, but, I put on my happy face and off we went.

He ran into the gym very excited and kept asking me if they were going to play hockey despite the 5 tee’s set up in the gym. I gave him a quick explanation about the sport they were going to try and then he ran over to say hi to his coach.

They had the kids run across the gym and back as a warm up and then gave them each a ball. The first drill was to try to toss the ball in the air and catch it, which really was toss the ball and chase it. Next up was tossing the ball higher into the air and attempting to catch it, then bouncing the ball on the floor and trying to catch it. As you can imagine, balls were going every direction and little kids were running around like crazy trying to catch them. Once they were good and winded from all the ball chasing, they demonstrated how to properly throw a baseball…that they then had to go get. It was basically chase your ball day, and they loved it!

Harper was enthusiastic the entire time. He was happy to try everything they showed him and was even cooperative when either of the coaches assisted him or gave him pointers. He really enjoyed today’s lesson and I really enjoyed watching him. I did have to get on to him once or twice though. When all this ball chasing was going on, if a ball stopped near his feet, he’d kick it, even if a kid was right there about to pick it up. I don’t think he was doing it to be mean to anyone, I think he just wanted to kick the ball for fun. But, I did tell him that he shouldn’t kick someone’s ball away from them and he didn’t do it again after I told him not too.

At the very end of the lesson, they got to hit the ball’s off of the tee’s. I’m fairly certain this was the best part of the whole lesson. The kids really enjoyed setting the ball on the tee and swinging the bat…usually several times before actually connecting! It was very cute to watch!

So far, tee ball has been the favorite. There was no crying, no baby talking and no giving up. Maybe we have a little baseball player on our hands? Only time will tell.

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