Tuesday, April 8, 2014


My lack of posting for the past several days was mostly due to a visit from my parents. We seem to be pretty busy when they visit and I’m always too tired at night to even think about sitting and writing about it. We did have a great time while they were here though, and of course there are pictures to show.

They drove up last Wednesday but had such a crappy trip up here that we didn’t get to see them until Thursday. (They didn’t get into their hotel until after 7pm and by that time the two youngest were in bed so it didn’t make sense for them to try to rush here to see them.)

Target Dollar Aisle Sunglasses!


Dad had a meeting Thursday morning (which ended up lasting all day) so mom went with me and the two kids on our regular Thursday run. We dropped Harper off at school, then hit Target for a little while until it was time to take Dakota to Rolly Pollies.

Dakota was hiding in the clothes at Target and when she came out, she pointed at Meme and said “sit”. I guess my mom felt like humoring her, so they hid in the clothes from me. That’s just what grandma’s do! Smile 


We did our thing at Pollies then went back to get Harper from school. After such a long morning of running around, we hit up Chick-fil-a for lunch.

Harper telling Meme his stories.


Our days looked a lot like that the whole time they were here. We ran here and there and did this and that. Nothing too remarkable, nothing too crazy.

We had dinner at a little local Mexican place, where I grabbed these next pictures:




We played outside when the weather wasn’t awful:


Dakota said a new word: Pizza


We just enjoyed the time we had. We talked, laughed and played around like we always do. Mom and I spent one night playing around with my Cricut and the following day, we went to the store so she could buy one for herself!

The two of them left on Monday, and I was really sad to see them go. I know the trip up here is harrowing, to say the least, and not knowing when I’ll see them next is tough, but it was nice to have them here while it lasted.

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