Friday, May 2, 2014

Five on Friday

  • After finishing the second Junie B. book, I thought it’d be good to try something else and I came up with Charlotte’s Web. I knew it was going to be a bit over Harper’s head but I figured we’d give it a try anyways. So far he seems to be enjoying it and I’m actually surprised at how much of it he does understand. I’m taking this book really slowly and making sure he understands the vocabulary, asking him what words mean when we to them. Some examples are: brook and sob which he didn’t know as well as snout and weep, which he did know. He asks a lot of questions as we go but so far he seems to like listening to the book and he seems to be understanding a lot of it. We just finished chapter 4 tonight so we’ve got a way to go yet.
  • I reminded Tony that Mother’s Day was next weekend. He asked me what I wanted and I told him “quiet”. Without missing a beat he said “What would your second choice be”? I thought that was pretty damned hilarious! I mean, what the hell kind of thing is quiet when you have 4 children? I still can’t help but laugh when I think of his response…
  • Since quiet isn’t going to happen for Mother’s Day, this with this would be FABULOUS instead. Hint, hint
  • Towson University’s Relay for Life event is tomorrow and Zoe is out there tonight setting up for it. She has to be out there by 7am tomorrow morning and won’t be done until 7am Sunday when the event is over. Good thing she’s young, huh? I’m really proud of her for choosing such a great cause to work for and sticking with it these past few years. It’s been good for her and she’s really enjoyed it.
  • The kiddo’s didn’t really understand how this was supposed to work…and this picture makes me laugh!

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