Thursday, May 1, 2014

Preschool Day at Maryland Zoo


Today was Harper’s preschool trip to the Maryland Zoo. We met up with his classmates at 9:30am and even though it was a class trip each family pretty much toured the zoo on their own. We bumped into people here and there, but we pretty much did our own thing, which I’m thankful for because my kids weren’t moving anywhere quickly!


It has been many years since we’ve been to this zoo. Whenever we choose to go to the zoo we always go to the National zoo in DC. It’s much bigger and there are lots more animals, plus, it’s free to get in. I couldn’t really remember much about this zoo so it was like a whole new experience! When we first walked in, we spotted the prairie dogs. They were out and running around like crazy!



After the prairie dogs, there is a long walk (or short tram ride) to the rest of the zoo exhibits. We chose to walk and it is really beautiful and shaded by huge old trees along the path. The kids were pretty much in and out of the stroller all day, but Dakota coaxed Dada into holding her for quite a bit. I think she’s a little intimidated by crowds and needs the extra security of being in someone’s arms. Harper was fine though, he just wanted to walk some and ride some.


We saw a polar bear sunning himself on a rock:


An arctic fox.





A Lion.


And then we had some lunch on a bench in the shade.


Then we found the penguins:



And a zoo keeper working with an elephant:




At this point, the kids were getting pretty tired and antsy, so we started to walk back to the entrance. On the way, I spotted a ginormous rhino, and had to stop and get a few pictures. I was amazed by how HUGE he/she was!




All in all I’d say we had a pretty good day. The weather was perfect and beautiful and the kids were as well behaved as we could ask or expect. I don’t think we’ll be going back any time soon but you never know!

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