Thursday, May 29, 2014

Harper’s Last Day in the 3’s Class

Today was Harper’s last day in the three year old room. He’s officially got a year of preschool under his belt. It’s wild how fast that went.


Joining a co-op preschool was something I’d wanted to do with Harper and I’m so glad I did. Harper really loved going to school everyday and I enjoyed the whole experience as well. I really liked being involved and being able to see firsthand that things that he was learning. Going two days a week for 2 1/2 hours at a time was also nice introduction to what school is like.

Tony, Zoe, Dakota and I were all able to be at Harper’s awards ceremony and I know he was glad to see us all sitting in the audience. He was acting pretty silly the whole time, but I know he does that when he’s feeling nervous. The song they sang at the end “Hello, Raindrops” was the only one he really sang.


After the songs the kids received their certificates and also a little book. The kids were each given 13 index cards to bring home and decorate a few weeks ago. They made one card per kid in the class and then they were all bound into these little books featuring one card from each classmate. I thought it was a really cute idea!


Harper did some watercolors on his and then he stuck on some dino stickers. They were cute! Most kids did some variation of coloring and stickers…it’s the three year old thing to do!


Once the songs and awards were taken care of we went to the snack tables for some ice cream. Ice cream at 10:30am is quite rare so the kids were pretty excited!

(Harper is showing me his gummy worm, in case you’re wondering what is hanging out of his mouth. :) And, as you can see, Dakota was happy to sit and have her ice cream breakfast as well!)



It was a bittersweet ending to a wonderful year. I got a little teary when I thought about how much he’d grown in such a short time, but I didn’t cry like I thought I would, thank goodness! (There was no time for crying, I was so darn busy!)  I’m looking forward to starting all over again with him in the fall. Now I’ve just gotta keep him busy all summer! Smile

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