Thursday, May 8, 2014

Little Artists

My two little’s were in the mood for some art on Monday morning, so I pulled out the paint. Well, first I googled some free flower images to print, then we set about painting them.

I thought they’d probably enjoy marble painting, so we did that first.





After they’d rolled their marbles to their hearts content, we moved on to watercolors.



I saved the messiest for last; finger painting. I found it amusing that Dakota wanted to put her fingers in all the paint except the finger paint!



What you see in the above picture is about as good as it got with her finger painting! She would only stick one finger in and the she’d want a “nap” (napkin) to wipe it off. :)

Harper, on the other hand, thoroughly enjoyed the experience! He was so happy to get messy and he painted for a good while.


Looks like we’re going to be home tomorrow so I think I’ll go ahead and go check out Pinterest for a craft idea or two…

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