Friday, May 9, 2014

Five on Friday

  • On Wednesday night I went out to dinner with some friends. We were headed to Gunnings, but for some reason they were closed and we ended up going to Joe’s Crab Shack instead. Tony and I have been wanting to try Joe’s so knew he wouldn’t be happy about us going there, but I figured I’d try it and let him know if it is worth going or not. It was worth it. Expensive, but tasty…we’ll definitely have to go sometime.
  • Yesterday, Harper and I decided to watch Frozen. I was pretty excited to watch it with him because of all the raving about it I’ve heard…but, I have to admit, I don’t get the hype. I mean, it was a good movie, but I was expecting something AMAZING, and I wasn’t amazed. Maybe all the hype played up my expectations and they were too high? I don’t know. It was good, and after watching it I didn’t feel like I needed to gouge out my eyes or anything, so that’s an okay movie in my book. Harper enjoyed it although I question how much of it he actually understood. Who knows.
  • I finally got my Sugar Honey Iced Tea together and did something with the frame Tony made me for Christmas. Yes, Christmas. This one, remember? I decided to print some of my favorite recent pics to put in it. I like it, but I think that the next time I change the photo’s I’ll print them a bit larger.


  • Dakota has been going down for her naps so peacefully this week. I don’t think there’s been a day she’s cried when I left the room. We’ve developed a bit of a new routine, and it’s more simple than what we were doing. We kiss HarHar goodnight, get a diaper change and one book. That’s it. No more playing with the doll house or Minnie Mouse and we read no more than one small book. Then she relaxes on my lap while I run my fingers through her hair and talk to her a bit. She stays pretty quiet but she does talk to me a little too. A couple of times now, including today, I’ve gently stroked her arm with my fingernails and when I do that she knocks out pretty quickly. Almost immediately her eyes start to roll back and she gets completely still…it’s pretty darn cute.
  • I decided to take the little’s out to Lake Waterford this morning. We were the only ones there when we first got there. About 10 minutes later, some girl, who I saw walk out of a wooded area, joined us on the playground. She was probably between 10/12 years old. She played a little then went to the parking lot and got in a truck that had been sitting there when we pulled in. It was weird. Then, about 20 minutes after she left, a little boy came running to the park. I never saw where he came from, he was just there all the sudden…by himself. Harper ended up making friends with this boy and I overheard him tell Harper that he was six. They played and played and about half an hour later a woman shows up at the park with a little girl in a stroller and calls out to him. I think he called her grandma. I thought it was kinda weird that she left him there for so long by himself, but maybe I’m too much of a worrier, who knows. We had a good time at the park and we got back home just in time for lunch.


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