Monday, May 19, 2014

More Yardwork

I’ve been waiting for these to bloom! Hooray for peonies! Yesterday, after getting the kids in bed, I headed outside with a twist tie to tie my peonies to a stake I already had out there. When I went around the corner, Tony was standing there with some stakes and ties in hand, about to do the very same thing! Great minds think alike, right?


We also built a raised bed for some vegetables we’d like to try to grow. Tony put it together while I was out running errands, but as soon as I got back he said we were going to need a little more dirt to fill it up. This is what I found:


Gotta love a man with a good sense of humor! There’s 8 bags in there, so that gives you an idea of how many more we’re going to need! (Harper and Dakota thought this was their new sand box and the kept running and jumping into the dirt!)


We get crazy sunlight in our gazebo in the early evening, just around dinner time. The sun is blinding that time of day so it’s really not so great to eat dinner out there. I decided I’d try some tension rods and inexpensive curtains in there to see if it would help…


It’s a total hit! I believe we’ll be eating out there much more with the shade these curtains provide. This July I’ll be having a new roof put on the gazebo as well as a fan with lights! I love that we’ll be able to sit outside in there long past daylight!

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