Monday, May 19, 2014


Landon had to have two baby teeth pulled today. He was so nervous on the drive there that he barely talked to me. He just asked if they’d numb him before pulling them and if it’d hurt really bad. I told him that they’d probably numb him up and that it wouldn’t hurt much at all. What else can you say, really?

When we got to the office he pretended to be asleep (something very uncharacteristic of any of my kids!) so I had to coax him out of the car and up to the office. They called him back immediately and the dentist explained what needed to be done and how, and then asked Landon if he wanted to be numb. Landon said he did so the doctor applied a topical ointment to start. Once that was working he gave him a few shots in the gums (which Landon said was the worst part of it all) and then we waited about 5-10 minutes for that to set in. While we waited Landon joked about how he couldn’t feel that part of his face and how he wasn’t sure if he looked normal or not. I took a picture of him to show him that he did indeed “look” normal!


Those two baby teeth were out in about 2 minutes time and we were headed home. We joked all the way home about him not being able to talk well with his numb lips! Landon was so relieved that it was over and honestly, so was I.  Now we’ll just see the orthodontist in a few months to determine whether or not we’ll need another round of braces.

It’s weird to think that Landon lost the last two of his baby teeth today. Time sure flies…

Oh, and the dentist asked Landon if he wanted his teeth for the tooth fairy! Landon kind of smiled and gave him an “are you serious” look. The doc just laughed and said he had to ask!

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