Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mulching the Gardens


We had 5 yards of mulch delivered yesterday morning. I thought it was going to take us the rest of the summer to get all that mulch down, but with all the help we had, it was done in about 2 1/2 hours! We thought we’d ordered way too much but it turned out not to be enough. We’ll probably need between 8-10 yards next year…hopefully we’ll have the same help!


Every single person that lives here was out helping to the best of their ability. The two little’s liked shoveling (with tiny little shovels) the mulch into the wheelbarrows, and when they grew bored of that, they climbed it like it was a mountain and boy did they get dirty! They were so dirty that I had to give both of them a bath after lunch!  Landon was great about loading the wheelbarrows and then taking it to it’s destination. Zoe and Brandon were great about loading the wheelbarrows and helping to spread it out. We worked for awhile but around 11:40 or so, the two youngest were ready for some lunch, so I took them in to eat. Zoe and Landon followed soon after and Tony and Brandon finished up what was left.


The gardens look so much better now with the mulch! It makes the colors really stand out!


Great job, family!

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