Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Nunny and Unky

Today, while Harper was at preschool, Dakota and I went over to Mema’s house to hang out for awhile. We ended up walking down to the park for a while.

For some unknown reason, she HAD to have “Nunny” (bunny) and “Unky” (monkey) when we left this morning and they also had to go to the park with us. For awhile they just sat on the bench watching Dakota play, but soon they were in on the action.

First, they got a ride on this contraption, but when Unky fell out, that was the end of it.


Next up was the baby swing. They were okay in there until the swing came back and smacked Dakota in the face, and then that was over too.


Since they’d done so well in the baby swing, Dakota thought they should try the big kid swing. Nunny couldn’t do it, but Unky held on pretty good.


On the way back to Mema’s house we came across this creature. I took a video for Harper, but you too get to enjoy it! My goal is to entertain! Smile 

Harper’s class had water play at preschool today. His teacher had all sorts of fun activities set up for the kids. I wish that I could have gotten there earlier to watch a little bit, but I could tell when I drove up that Harper had had a great time.


I felt terrible when I realized that I’d left his towel at home but thankfully Harper didn’t seem to notice. Three classes left for little guy…

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