Thursday, June 19, 2014

Bumper Boats


Going to the pool at night with the kids has really been nice. The kids are happy to go down there to play for a bit and it’s been so hot that the water is the perfect way to cool off. Wednesday night we decided to just order pizza and have it delivered to the pool. That was way easier than dragging dinner down there! 

I love the pictures of Harper feeding Dakota pieces of pizza! They’re just cute like that.




Of course, since we’re down there so much, we had to get a few more toys for the kids to use.One night we were down there we saw a boy with a motorized boat that squirted water and I knew right then that my kids would love one of their own. So, this week, I ran out to Sams club and bought one.


The two littles shared pretty well the first day but I figured why not have two…so, the next morning I ran back up to Sams to pick up their very last one. I when I say ran, I mean drove, but you know what I mean. ;) So now they both have their own little boats to drive around the pool squirting everyone in sight.


Dakota decided she was brave enough to run and jump to me in the pool that night too. She did it several times and I kept letting her go a little further each time, but never completely under. I don’t want to scare her off, but I sure would like for her to get used to the idea of going all the way under water. Harper is really afraid to go underwater and he wouldn’t even try jumping. Not even when I told him I’d hold his hand while he jumped. He did it once, but he didn’t love it. We REALLY need to get him in lessons so that he’ll get over his fear and learn to love the water and swimming. 

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