Thursday, June 19, 2014

Good Bye 7th Grade

I can’t believe I forgot to post that yesterday was Landon’s last day of 7th grade! It was such a non event. He got up (late) and was running behind all morning. I tried to get a picture of him before he left, but because he was late, he was still trying to eat breakfast when it was time for him to go. So, the pictures I got weren’t great.

I do love this one though because you can see his little brother’s head at the bottom of the photo. Harper and Dakota both gave him a big hug and kiss before he headed out, something they like to do most mornings. (Dakota’s my real hugger and kisser, but Harper likes to give out some lovins every once in awhile as well.)


When Landon came home he acted like it was just any other day. He was  wet though and when I asked him why he explained that his bus driver had given each kid a water gun when they got on the bus and let them have a water gun fight all the way home! What an awesome bus driver, right?! He said it was so fun and that everyone was soaked.

He also told me that he wasn’t that excited about school being out because he was going to miss seeing his friends every day. So far though, I don’t think he’s missed anything because he’s been keeping busy hanging out with the kids in the neighborhood. They played kickball last night and tonight he was out for hours playing wiffle ball. I hope his summer turns out to be a great one and that he doesn’t miss his friends too much.

Cannot believe I’ve got another kid on the cusp of high school. One more year and he’ll be in the home stretch. I’m proud and sad…you know the story.

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