Thursday, June 12, 2014

Color Necklaces

I’ve been MIA for awhile because my mom and nephew drove up to see us. I just cannot seem to fit in blogging when family is here, so I’ve got some serious posting to do.

I’ll just back up to last Thursday…

Zoe and I spent the morning keeping the kids entertained, as usual. We pulled out some construction paper and made color necklaces. Harper had to order the circles from biggest to smallest and then string them on his string, and of course, he did it perfectly. Dakota worked on color recognition with Zoe while Zoe put the necklace together.



Once the colors were strung on, we gave them some stickers to put on their necklaces. Simple, easy, and they both enjoyed working on their individual necklace.



Harper was very proud of his creation and he ended up wearing his necklace for the rest of the day. Dakota doesn’t seem to like having anything hanging around her neck though, so she never really wore hers.


Dakota had her last Rolly Pollies session that morning at 10am, so we all headed out there next.



My mom had texted me the night before and asked me if I wanted her to bring anything specific when she and Jaron came up and I told her I’d let her know. So, Thursday afternoon I called to let her know that she might want to bring her sewing machine, just in case. Well, when I called I found out that they’d left a day early and were already in VA! I went into a little bit of a panic and started cleaning my house like nobody’s business! They got here that night around 7:30pm, right as we were putting the two little's in bed. Harper and I had just made an agreement that if they got here before I was done reading to him he could getup and see them. If not, he’d have to wait till morning. Lucky for him they got there just in the nick of time! The look on his face when he saw them at the door was priceless! He was so thrilled that they were here! Dakota didn’t see them until the next morning, but she really wasn’t any the wiser so it worked out fine.

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