Thursday, June 12, 2014

Five On Friday (A Week Late Edition)

  • I was getting Dakota’s breakfast and putting away the dishes when I noticed Landon go over an offer to read Harper a book that he was looking at. Those are some sweet boys I have.


  • Jaron and Harper spent some quality time jumping on the trampoline. They were having a good ol’ time out there and we heard tons of laughing!


  • The weather was beautiful so we walked the little rascals down to the park to burn off some energy. The park was just mulched and man did they put a ton down! Dakota can sit on the swing and reach the ground! She loved that! Mom and Harper played tag and Harper just couldn’t get enough of his Meme’s attention!



  • We attempted to do a color sorting activity with colored cereal, but everyone pretty much just sat around eating it. Oh well.


  • During naptime, Jaron and mom taught Zoe and I how to play hearts. It was tough for me to get the hang of, but it was a lot of fun.



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