Saturday, June 28, 2014

Crazy & Sweet

Life around here is so damn crazy sometimes. I mean, sometimes I think I am actually going to go crazy. Like, I need medication, crazy…but then, miraculously, I don’t and I start to think about all the sweet moments in my day. Sweet moments that I am absolutely paying attention to, moments that keep me sane, I’m sure.

For instance:

  • Zoe and Brandon headed to Fredericksburg this morning and are staying the night there and then hitting Kings Dominion tomorrow. As they were getting ready to leave, I was upstairs finishing up from my shower and putting away laundry. They were saying goodbye to everyone downstairs when I overheard Zoe say that she wasn’t leaving yet because she hadn’t said goodbye to me. They waited for me to come downstairs, gave me a hug and went on their way. It felt good knowing that they waited for me. Sweet.
  • Landon wasn’t too happy about having to mow the lawn this morning, but he did it anyways. He was a little grumpy, but I was being silly and was able to get a genuine smile and laugh out of him. He returned the favor by returning to his goofy, silly self and things brightened up for him. I love to see that kids sweet smile.
  • When we went out to eat tonight, Harper was the first to finish. (You can read that as: Harper didn’t eat anything.) He walked around the table to me and when I asked him what he was doing, he said he just wanted to sit on my lap. He doesn’t ask too often to sit on my lap so, of course, I pulled him up to sit with me. He didn’t want anything but to be with me; what’s sweeter than that?
  • It was my night to put Dakota to bed, which made her happy. She loves her dada, but she always wants me to put her to bed these days. It’s probably because I’m such a sucker and stay in her room forever with her, but I like spending that time with her, so I don’t mind. Tonight, as usual, I was trying to get her to settle down, so I closed my eyes and told her I was going to go to sleep. She pretended to be asleep for a minute, but then she started to wiggle around and then turned and gave me the sweetest little kiss. I said “I love you, Kota” and she said “Luh u, momma” and snuggled into my arms as I rocked her. Sweetie pie.

So, at night, when I’m rehashing the day in my mind, it’s those little moments that I want to think about. Those moments are what I want my dreams to be made of and the ones I want to draw from when the next round of crazy rolls around.

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