Wednesday, July 2, 2014

She’s Two!!!


Well, the littlest munchkin turned two today. I know it’s so redundant hearing people say how fast time flies, but really, it just marches on at a pace that I can hardly keep up with and boom, my kids are older and older.


While Dakota napped, I taped some balloons up to her doorway. When I first opened her door, she didn’t move. She just stayed wehre she was and kind of looked at the doorway like what the heck? But, once she was fully awake, she jumped up and wanted out of bed immediately! I got her out of her bed and she ran over to them and started clapping! It was so cute!


If you look in the background of the picture below, you can see her peeking over the edge of her crib to get a look at the balloons.




She played with them for the longest time by herself, but then Harper came up and he enjoyed them too. They were so happy to run through them and hit them back and forth.


We didn’t invite anyone over for her birthday, just celebrated with family. If you’d have heard the noise coming from our house you’d have sworn we had a million people over. It was a simple little party and we tried to base it on what we know she likes.

So, we made pizza (one of her favorites):



We let everyone make their own and the pizzas turned out delicious! Dakota and Harper barely touched theirs but everyone else really enjoyed them.



After dinner we let her open her gifts. I was a little worried that Harper might be jealous but he wasn’t at all. He was so sweet and just as happy as can be. He watched her open her gifts without making a peep, and only when she was moving slowly did I think to give him one to open. He ended up helping her open a few and he was just as happy to see her presents as she was!




After the gifts were opened and we’d played a little, we sang happy birthday and had our cupcakes and ice cream.





(I warned you, Brandon!)



After all the cupcakes and ice cream, everyone acted crazy and had serious energy to burn…but, that’s going to have to be tomorrow’s post!

Happy Birthday to my little sweetie pie, Dakota Jade! I’m sure looking forward to another beautiful year with this little girl and her brothers and sister!

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