Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sunday Trip to Alexandria, VA

On Sunday, Tony and I got up and went downstairs for a buffet style breakfast. It was way overpriced for what it was, but it was good.


Then, we went back upstairs to get ready for checkout. We didn’t have any plan for the day but ended up heading over to Alexandria,VA to walk around. If you really zoom into the photo below you can see the hotel where we stayed and the very top of the Ferris wheel.


We came across the Torpedo Factory Art Center and decided to have a look around inside. What a cool place! It was a giant factory where each room housed an artist and their works. Each room was decorated in the artists work and style and many of the them were there working on pieces while we were browsing their gallery. So neat!


Many of the artists had signs up that they didn’t want photo’s taken of their work so I decided to just not take pictures at all in order to respect their wishes.

After walking through the galleries we headed back out on the street to see what else we could find. While Alexandria is a pretty city, it wasn’t all that interesting, shop wise. If we’d been there for history we’d have been swimming in it…but, we weren’t.

As we were just about to give up I saw a store called Paper Source and decided to see what it was. Little did I know I’d hit the jackpot!!


There were just rows and rows of gorgeous (expensive) papers! I couldn’t believe my luck! I ended up buying several and I’ve got some projects in my head for them, now just to find the time and energy! I also picked up some wreath kits, two for me and two for mom as a thank you gift for watching the kids for us. And, just because, I grabbed a box of brightly colored paper straws. Just because.

We were pretty pooped from all the walking at this point and decided it was time to head home. We were both ready. It’d been a nice little get away but it seems that our favorite place to be is home with our kiddo’s.

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