Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New Park and a Well Visit

Dakota had her 2 year old check up today. Her appointment wasn’t until 10:40am so Zoe and I took the two little’s to park near the doctors office. It’s a park that Tony and I used to take Zoe to when she was little, and then Landon when he was little, so it’s kind of special for us. We don’t go very often because it’s a good 20 minute drive and there are so many parks nearby.





After playing at the park for awhile, we took a walk around the lake. We only went half way though because a) it’s quite a long walk b) I didn’t bring the stroller c) we were strapped for time d) it was starting to get hot and e) Dakota was barely able to make it that far.




After our walk we headed to the doctors office. As soon as we walked in I asked the ladies if I could take her back by myself to weigh her. (It didn’t go well last time we were there.) They said sure, so I took Harper and Dakota back to the machine and had Harper go first. He loves doing it and pretty much anything Harper loves, Dakota will love. He weighed 37 pounds and she weighed 27.8 pounds, 4 more pounds than last year at her 1 year old appt. She’s also 34 3/4 inches long. My baby is growing like a weed!


She did great for the doctor and before we knew it we were done. As I was getting her dressed, the nurse kind of snuck in and gave her the one and only shot she needed and then she quickly disappeared again. It was over before we knew it and she cried for only a minute and then we were on our way home.

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