Sunday, July 20, 2014

Off We Go!

We are officially on vacation right now, but I can’t wait until we get home to blog all of this or it’ll never get done! Hopefully I’ll be able to blog a little every couple days or so, but we’ll see!

The night before we left, Tony decided to shave off all of his facial hair. Why, you ask? Well, 10 years ago when we went to Disney, he decided to grow some facial hair. So, here all these years later he thought this might be the right time to try going back to a smooth face…


I could hardly believe how different he looked! The transformation was shocking! Dakota wouldn’t even look at him and kept hiding her face! She got used to it pretty quick but I told him to grow it back! I guess I prefer him with the facial hair…something that I wouldn’t have said 10 years ago!

We left home on Thursday, at 7:25am. We were shooting for 7am, so we were a little late, but getting 6 people out of the house that early is no simple task. We (Tony, the two big kids and I) were pretty nervous about the drive down here because Dakota isn’t known for her good car behavior, but it turned out that we were worried for nothing. She was amazing. She was completely content to sit and play the iPad or talk to us or to herself. She took a great nap also, which is something very rare for her to do in the car. She never cried and was just really wonderful. It sure made our trip a lot less painful. Harper is a great car kid, so it goes without saying that he did great as well. He just watched movies with Landon and played the iPad or looked at books. He did ask us a few times how far were we going to go, but other than that, he was as quiet as a mouse.


We took a nice long break to run around and stretch our legs once we got to North Carolina. We meant to pack a picnic lunch and hang out for a bit, but in all the craziness we forgot half of what we needed. Turns out it wasn’t the only thing we forgot…




*No pictures of Landon because he was being quite the grouch. 13 year old hormones and all that.Smile

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