Sunday, July 6, 2014

Photo’s from Last Week

I’ve got some photo’s from last week that I never shared, but are definitely blog worthy…

Tony and Harper hanging out with me in my craft room. :)


The little kids outside playing in the sprinkler:





A little video of Dakota taking care of her new baby doll:

Tony came inside the other day and told me that he saw some tomatoes on the vine. Harper was sitting with me, playing the iPad, but as soon as he heard that, he put the iPad down and went running outside to see. He said he was gonna run out there and pick them and eat them! He’s a tomato addict and he eats some on a near daily basis. He doesn’t discriminate either, he likes the big ones and the little cherry ones as well. (Sorry about the end of the video, I think I forgot I was recording.)

An after dinner stroll around the lake:



A few more shots of babies caring for babies; can you see the look of horror on Harpers face and in the curl of his fingers when he sees the “poop” in her diaper? Haha!



A shot of some peas in the garden:


And a cucumber flower:


Okay…now I’m caught up with that…

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