Sunday, July 6, 2014

Our Fourth

As soon as we decided we’d go see the fireworks done professionally, it rained. We kept waffling back and forth about whether or not we should go, but ultimately decided it wasn’t worth it with the two little kids.


So, on the night of the fourth, we did our own.

As usual, Landon was very excited, and he was ready to start at about 6pm, well before dark.

We went out and he started with some of the loud firecrackers that we had from last year. Dakota decided right then and there that she didn’t like it. Harper, on the other hand, loved it!

This is her “I don’t like it” face:


This is Harper trying to describe what the firecracker sounded like to Dakota. I guess he didn’t think she could hear that screaming loud thing.

She wasn’t impressed, but I sure was!

We found some roman candles in our fireworks bag from my parents house last year and Tony couldn’t wait to set them off. Dakota, as you’ll hear in the video, thought they looked like stars.

When Dakota had had enough, I took her inside for a bath. She really hated the whole thing and didn’t want to go back outside, but I thought maybe she’d like catching fireflies instead. I think it was a first for Harper too, but I can’t remember for sure.

We caught all the fireflies we could, and then it was back to the firecrackers. I took Dakota back inside to try to put her to bed, but with all the noise going on outside, it wasn’t happening, so out we went again. I brought her blankey along for comfort and she clung to me and it for life. She didn’t move the entire time I sat outside with her and for the most part kept her head buried in my chest. I did get her to turn around and watch a little, but it didn’t last long.


I think Harper was simultaneously thrilled and frightened by the whole thing.




Landon had a great time setting off the fireworks and putting on a little show in our culdsac, but it just isn’t the same without everyone here. Last year we did this at my parents house and there was a lot more excitement. Maybe we’ll get to do that again next year, who knows.



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