Monday, July 7, 2014

Popsicle Juggling Contest

Yesterday was a relaxing stay at home kind of day. We all just did our own thing all morning and after nap time we could all be found outside in the front yard. As usual, soccer balls and popsicles were involved, but far from usual, all seven of us were out there at the same time. A lot of times it’s Tony and/or I with the two youngest, maybe even Landon. Sometimes Zoe might come out, sometimes Brandon. Hard pressed to find too many occurrences when we’re all doing the same thing. It was nice.

At some point there was a popsicle eating while juggling a soccer ball competition. Landon smoked Brandon and Tony. (Notice that no popsicles were actually eaten during the juggling.)

Dakota stole my sunglasses and I have to say, she looks much cuter in them than I do!


Harper saw a pretty flower and yanked it off the plant to show me. Smile Don’t mind that little popsicle chin…


I was trying to get a picture of Tony and I together (something we should do more, our kids will appreciate it one day) and Harper jumped in at the last second. He’s just adorable like that.


Harper went with Tony to the grocery store, and when they came home I was in my craft room. Harper came in yelling “Mama, where are you” and when I stuck my head out my door, he handed me some flowers he’d picked out.


Zoe and Landon got ahold of my phone again and I found this little gem:

It was a good Sunday!

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