Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Harper’s 4th Birthday

For some reason, even though it’s been on my mind, Harper’s birthday kind of snuck up on me this year. I had his party planned well before we left for Disney, sent out invites and all that, but there were still so many things to do and I waited till the last second to even think about them.

It turned out that my procrastination was okay this time around because Harper got sick and everything had to be put on hold, even the few original plans have been rearranged. (Harper started running a fever last Friday and it was very persistent to say the least. By Monday I was beginning to worry, so I took him to the doc who said it was just a virus that had to run it’s course. His party was scheduled for today, Tuesday, and since I wasn’t sure if he’d be well enough, I rescheduled his party for next Tuesday.)

So, today, I had to do a little scrambling to have something special for my little guy. Before he woke up, I blew up some balloons and taped them to his doorway, so that was the first thing he saw this morning when he opened his door.

He was the first one up so I brought him downstairs and let him have the gift my mom sent because I knew it’d be something he’d be excited to play with.


He and I got to play with it a little before Dakota woke up and it was nice to spend that time with him before the craziness of the day started.

(While we were waiting for our food, I leaned over and grabbed him for a selfie. As I was trying to get our picture, he said “I just love birthday’s!” and gave me that adorable little smile. Sometimes he is just the cutest!


We had a few errands to run this morning and when we were done we all stopped for lunch at Red Robin. We had a nice lunch and even had the waitress’ come out and sing to him for his big day! He was so cute about it!

This evening we ordered some pizza, let him open his gifts and had some cake and ice cream. It was a nice day even if it was planned a little last minute.



Dakota knew it was Harper’s happy birthday but she just couldn't stand not helping him open his gifts. We tried to stop her initially, but when Harper didn’t seem to care, we just let it go and all was well! Smile



And, here is the entire family, minus me of course, helping set up Harper’s new race track. How many families do you know that get this involved, lol!


And, finally, we got to sing to him and eat cake and ice cream.




Happy 4th Birthday to my sweet, sweet boy. I love you.

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