Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Star Spangled Spectacular

Sunday morning we all got up and headed to Baltimore for the Star Spangled Spectacular. The event was going on to celebrate the 200th year of our National Anthem.


We got down there early to avoid traffic since there was also supposed to be a baseball game. We parked and then immediately jumped on a shuttle to Fort McHenry. We walked around checking things out, watched the soldiers march and then grabbed some lunch.





We knew that there were naval ships for us to look at but we never could figure out how to get to them. The shuttle service was very unclear and once we’d made it back to the harbor area the last thing we wanted to do was get back on another shuttle to go to the ships, so we missed that part but I did grab a few pictures of the ships that were docked in the harbor area.



The harbor was so crowded it was hard to get around. I have never seen so many people down there in my entire life! It was craziness. After milling around for awhile we decided to find a spot to sit and wait for the Blue Angels.

We waited and waited and when the show finally began we realized we were much too far away to really see anything. We could see just a bit of what was going on but it wasn’t enough to hold the kids’ attention, so we packed up and headed home for the day.

I was disappointed that we weren’t able to see the Blue Angels a little better because I know that Landon would have loved seeing it. Maybe next time they’re in town we’ll try to find better viewing.

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Leslie said...

Smart move.. taking the shuttle. I heard that it was super crowded! My family wanted to head downtown but we were to afraid of the crowds. Thankfully .. my husband was able to get us great seats for the fireworks (at the port that he works) : ) They were amazing ~ by far the best I've ever seen. Sorry that you didn't get to see the blue angels. We sorta were about to see them ~
Have a great weekend.

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