Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Busy, Busy Day

I had to drop my van off yesterday because it was due for the 32,000 mile check up. Since I didn’t have a car today the kids and I stayed home and played and played.

We were out in the backyard swinging, sliding, jumping and playing in the sand before 8:30am. The weather was perfect for some outdoor fun and we took advantage of it.




When they were done outside, around 10:30, we went up to play with play dough for awhile. I brought everything out into the gazebo and it was nice to play in there for a change. Everything is just better when it’s outside!


It was lunchtime when we finished with the play dough and while they ate, I got stuff ready for us to make banana bread. I got everything measured out and into bowls so that they could concentrate on the parts they like; mixing, pouring, pushing buttons etc. We made two loaves and they were super helpers!


It was a busy morning, but a fun one too!

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