Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Day of Chores

Today was a day full of getting things done. 

  • Three loads of laundry
  • Vacuuming upstairs and middle floor
  • Cleaning bathrooms
  • Weeding through Harper’s clothes. Put away summer stuff, pulled out winter stuff. I was happy to find that he still fits lots of shirts from last year! He’s got a full wardrobe with new and old stuff. I did Dakota’s room yesterday and she’s going to need a few more things to make it through the winter. Landon could use a few more shirts also.
  • Tony worked on the garden area outside, fixed a door on our computer desk, put up a new coffee mug rod, made a delicious baked potato soup and probably lots of other stuff I don’t know about since I was busy.
  • Landon cut the grass in the front yard and then the neighbor asked him to cut his grass too. So, he was pretty busy with that for awhile.
  • The two little kids played the day away. We all took turns keeping them occupied while we got things done and it worked out just fine.

This morning, before getting busy with all the chores, Tony and I did a little art with the kids. We made popsicle stick scarecrows and they’re adorable!



Harper’s finished product:


Dakota’s finished product:


Adorable, right? :)

Harper and I are off to the farm tomorrow while Tony takes Dakota to Rolly Pollies. Tomorrow night we are going to a local pizza place for dinner in support of our preschool. Another busy day ahead…

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