Wednesday, October 8, 2014


To say that my birthday didn’t go as planned would be a major understatement. Some things went better than planned while others went differently than planned. So, in other words, life happened and it just so happened to be my birthday.

All the excitement started the night before with an annoying “beep”. Tony and I had just turned out the light when I heard a loud beep that I recognized as one of the fire alarms. I told him I thought it was one of the two we have upstairs but he thought it was one downstairs, so he headed down to have a look. It didn’t go off again for awhile so we ended up waiting and waiting. When it finally went off again Tony thought it was the one he was standing near, so he changed the battery and we went to bed…only to hear that beep again. So, we got up, waited for the beep again, changed another battery and went to bed…and heard the beep again. Repeat this scenario two more times and imagine us pulling our hair out. (It’s about 11:30pm by this time.)

While we were trying to figure out the alarm problem, the dog was going crazy because of the loud beeping. I decided I’d better let her outside again because she was pacing around the door (and found a puddle of dog pee as I stepped in it) and as soon as I opened the door, she took off. Now, I let Ginger in the front yard to do her business every night and she never goes anywhere. She walks around and sniffs each blade of grass and pees a half dozen times, but never in the history of ever has she taken off running. Well, I wasn’t’ exactly ready to run down the street after her in my pj’s so I ran upstairs to get more clothes on and then took off after her. It’s 11:45pm or so and I walking down the middle of the street looking for her when I see her slowly walking towards me. She doesn’t hear me calling her (she’s practically deaf now) so I walk over to pick her up and she nearly jumps out of her skin, poor thing. I get her back to the house and she is a panting, shaking mess. I sat with her awhile until she calmed down and that’s when Tony and I determined that one of our alarms was broken and that’s why even fresh batteries weren’t making it stop the annoying beeping.

We yanked that damned alarm down and finally got in bed around midnight. Six o’clock came faster than I ever remember, but somehow we were able to drag our butts out of bed and get on with the day. My birth day…but that’s another post.

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