Five on Friday

  • I just didn’t have any blogging mojo this week. I’m hoping that will change because I really hate missing so many days…
  • My sweet husband helped a guy at work with his personal computer (not his work machine) and the guy paid him $100 for fixing it. Instead of taking the money and buying whatever he wanted, he gave me $60 of it and took me out to spend it. Then, when our bill was more than the $60 he had in cash, he used our bank card to pay and then gave me the cash for whatever else. I love that guy.
  • Dakota has sort of jumped back on the potty training wagon. I bought her some undies with Lalaloopsy on them and that was what it took to get her back on the pot. I’m hoping it sticks this time!
  • Harper completed his first homework assignment this week for preschool. He had to do an “Aa” worksheet. He did such a great job, too. He sure has grown up a lot this year it seems. He’s eager to try writing and just recently has taken a little more interest in drawing/coloring; something he hated last year. My little guy is growing up…
  • Landon isn’t doing too bad in school at the moment. He’s got mostly good grades, but he’s struggling (HARD) with French and has some serious work to do in Social Studies, but I think with some determination, he can get those grades up. So, if you have any determination, please send it his way. He’s gonna need it.

Now I’m off to watch some TV with my husband…it’s become our Friday night date. :)


Leslie said…
Sounds like a sweet guy!!! Your little guy is cute, seeing him there practicing his letters makes me miss having little people around the house.
Tony said…
Friday Night Date...Line. HA HA.

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