Saturday, October 18, 2014

Flu Shots For All

I’m almost too tired to post tonight, but I know I’ve been neglectful, so I’m just going to make myself write something…hopefully you’ll understand what I’m writing! ;)

This past Friday was a teacher workday, so my kids were out. Normally, I’d try to plan something fun to do, but not this time. Nope, I scheduled flu shots for all of them. Cruel, huh? It’s hard finding a time that I can get all the kids anywhere at the same time without it being a weekend, so I had to do it and this was the lucky day…

That morning, once Harper and Dakota were both up, I explained to them that we were going to the doctor to get “something” that would keep them from getting a “really bad sick”. I explained that they could get a shot, or, if they were cooperative, they could get a squirt of medicine up their nose. I told them that the squirt up their nose wouldn’t hurt but they had to let the nurse do her job and not pull away or cry. They both seemed to understand what I was telling them and they both chose the flu mist over the shot. Duh.

Well, we went about our morning which happened to include a trip to Rolly Pollies. Harper had missed one of his classes so he had a make-up class to do anyways, so he went with us. He loved going and I think Dakota loved him being there. I sure loved watching the two of them buddy up and work together!


After art class we drove home to get Landon and then headed to the doctor’s office. Dakota kept asking me about going to the doctor and she said “Go doctor, no cry, no shot?” “Up nose, no shot?” and I kept reassuring her that everything would be okay. She was doing her best to understand, the little cutie.

When we got called back, Landon went first. He chose the shot because he hates the flu mist. The two little’s watched him and not a peep came out of them. Next, it was Harper’s turn. He was prepared when the nurse came at him with the mist, but he got the biggest surprise when she pushed the liquid up his nose. His eyes got as big as saucers and he yanked back as she went to do the other nostril. He started crying and saying he didn’t like it and just looking at us all like we were freaking crazy for doing this! The nurse was able to quickly do the other nostril and while Harper tried to figure out what the hell had just happened, the nurse moved on to Dakota.

I was holding Dakota and she had a skeptical look on her face, especially considering Harper’s reaction. But, the nurse went quickly and Dakota never even flinched. The kid acted like nothing had happened at all. I had been worrying all week about how I was going to get Dakota to cooperate and I did all that worrying for nothing! She took it like a pro! She even gave Harper a look like she couldn’t figure out what he was so upset about!

On the way home I told the kids that they’d been awesome and I was so proud of all of them. After I said that Harper quietly said “Well, I wasn’t so awesome” and it damn near broke my heart! I told him that it didn’t matter if he got upset a little about it, and that he’d still done a great job. I told him that he could choose the shot next year if he wanted or he could try the mist again and he informed me that he wouldn’t be going back at all. Smile

I was so grateful when it was over! I’d worried so much about the kids getting this done that it was a huge weight lifted from my shoulders once it was over.

Tony and I ran out tonight and got our shots as well and now the only one left is Zoe…but, she’s an adult now and will have to take care of it herself. It’s still weird to say things like that, but the more I say it, the easier it gets, I think.

And, speaking of Zoe, she and Brandon showed up here last night for an hour and a half or so. They’d eaten at Genghis Grill and wanted to stop by, so they showed up at the door around 9pm. Brandon showed us his new car and they came in to chat for awhile. It was nice seeing them and I loved having them here even if it was short.

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