Sunday, October 19, 2014

Picking our Pumpkins

We made our annual trip to the pumpkin patch today. Nothing fancy this time around as it was cold and we’ve done the pumpkin patch thing a few times already. We just drove up to a nearby farm and let the kids pick a few pumpkins and then went to lunch.

It was around 50 degrees when we got out there but it was quite windy making the temperature feel much lower. Landon thought it wasn’t too bad out though and refused to wear a sweatshirt…but, you’ll see that he’s looking a little cold in the second photo below. :)



There he is a little closer up…nope, he doesn’t look chilly at all…




1 comment:

Leslie said...

So much fun!!! I love the pumpkin patch too. We were going to do some sight seeing in Ellicot city today.. but it was way too cold. I bribed a bunch of teenagers into the cheesecake factory instead. : )
Paul and I cheated and picked up some pumpkins at a stand on the side of the road this year. We were supposed to carve them last night but our 23year old got a flat tire on 95 on her way home from work at the Renaissance festival. It was a crazy night!!

Have a great new week!!!

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