Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Building the Shed/Sick Dakota

After our big party on Saturday, Tony, Landon and Brandon headed straight outside to begin putting our new shed together. Brandon wasn’t feeling great (coughing, sore throat) but he stayed until it was dark and time to quit for the day. They got a good bit of it done, but there was going to be plenty left over for Sunday.


That night Dakota woke up around 10pm wheezing and congested. I brought her into my bathroom and ran the hot water to get some steam built up and it seemed to help her get through the night, but the next morning she was still feeling yucky. She told us her tummy hurt (and then showed us her tummy hurt) and after a nice warm bath she cuddled on the couch with me to watch Barney. She’d only been watching it for about 20 minutes or so when she leaned over to rest on my shoulder. I pulled her down to lay in my lap and she almost immediately fell asleep. I knew that she must be feeling pretty bad to do that and I was worried. She only slept about an hour or so and then woke up and wanted lunch. She insisted on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, which she ate and was able to keep down, and then she wanted to go out to play. I was hesitant, but sometimes it doesn’t seem worth the trouble to argue with a 2 year old, so I let her go.

She happily played outside for about 45 minutes but when she came in, I heard wheezing again and decided to go ahead and take her to the doctor. Our appointment was at 3:15pm but we weren’t even called back until after 4pm. I was more than a little upset about the long wait, but once we got in the room it wasn’t long before things were moving. They checked her out and said that her oxygen was low so we did a breathing treatment (nebulizer). She did great with it and they ended up sending us home with one so that we could do it for the next 10 days.


She’s done really great with the treatments so far and it seems to really help. She’s been feeling good again and she’s back to her self for the most part. I can remember this happening when Landon was younger too, and he must have been nearly the exact same age.


*The above pic was taken Sunday. Since then the roof and doors have been put on. All that’s left is putting the shingles on and painting the trim…and filling it up of course!

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