Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Gray and Yellow

I love the colors gray and yellow together. My comforter set is that color scheme and it is now also the colors in my main floor bathroom.

The latest project in my house started with a trip to Target…

I was just casually browsing the aisles when I saw a lovely bathroom towel. I had to have that towel. So, I bought not just one towel, but two. And, since I had those awesome towels I decided to buy the matching rug. I’m wild like that.

Ok, now fast forward about one year and my mom and I are once again in Target. This time we happened to walk by the paint/wallpaper and something caught our eye…something gray and yellow. It was a sassy yellow and gray striped wallpaper and it was pretty much exactly what I wanted to put up in my bathroom, only it was more expensive than I wanted it to be and I‘m kind of afraid of hanging wallpaper.

But then my mom started admiring the paints and said “why would you try to hang striped wallpaper when you could just paint the stripes?” and an idea was born. We bought the stuff to make over the bathroom and drove home in a fluster of excitement over yellow and gray paint!

Well, our excitement was pretty much over once we realized what a pain in the ass it was going to be to paint the bathroom. (When I say “we” here, I really mean my mom because she did nearly all of the work.) But, mom ripped that bathroom apart in as long as it took me to pretend to be busy doing something else and she was painting away before I knew what had happened. She decided to start with the beautiful yellow, and she also decided she didn’t like to use a roller and wanted to use a brush for the whole thing. Using a brush is dandy, but using a roller is much more handy…or quick, but that doesn’t rhyme. So, two coats of paint got slapped on the wall and it was still looking yucky and that’s when I stepped in with my handy dandy roller and got the last coat on. As soon as that paint was dry, mom started putting the tape on the wall for the stripes.

She was about ready to tell me that she loved the bathroom in all yellow when she finally got the hang of what she was doing and got all those strips of tape on the wall. Then, with a little baby roller, we rolled the gray paint on the walls…and that’s when it hit me that I hadn’t taken a single picture of this momentous event.


So, there are some beautiful stripes and some not so beautiful tape pieces.

And, here are some finished product pictures:



I like how the black cabinet and hardware stand out against the yellow and gray!

Because mom is full of great ideas, she also thought to jazz up the little square shelves I have in there.



Cute, no?

So, as you can see, my mom came up here for a visit and then ended up working the whole time she was here. She loves a good project though and my house just seems to be full of them.

Thanks mom, I love you!

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