Monday, January 26, 2015

A Day at Home

The kids are out of school today and tomorrow because of the high school’s testing schedule. The high schoolers had their mid-terms last week on Tuesday through Friday, then the teachers need time to grade all of those tests so they have off today and tomorrow. January always feels like such a waste of a school month, but whatever.


I had thought about taking the kids out to do something since they’re all home, but mother nature kept us in the house with threats of snow. It did snow all morning pretty much, but there wasn’t any real accumulation. There was just enough to cover the grass, but anything that hit concrete melted away.

Landon, the two little ones and I ended up spending the day inside. We played and played and played, and then we played some more. Dakota didn’t want to take a nap today and she was handling herself pretty well, so I didn’t make her lie down. I did issue a mandatory quiet time though and she and Harper both sat on the couch playing games for a little more than an hour while I vegetated and browsed Facebook.

I remembered that I had picked up a Kiwi Crate at Target for Harper to do, so I pulled that out for us to work on as well. Dakota loves to paint so she too got in on the activity. It was messy, but they loved painting the pieces. That’s really all they did though because it wasn’t easy enough for them to assemble on their own and I ended up doing it.


The end project was a space mobile, and here’s how it turned out:


They sure are proud of their creation and now I’ve just got to find somewhere to hang it.

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