Thursday, January 29, 2015

Go Kiddo’s, Go!

The two babes are playing together in basement this morning, happily and quietly, so I’m taking the opportunity to blog. Go me! I know this peaceful playing won’t last forever though, so no deep thoughts today!

  • Potty training is such a big deal when you’re a parent. It doesn’t matter which number child it is, it’s always such an accomplishment on the part of the parents and child when it’s a done deal…and, it looks like I’ve just potty trained my last baby. I decided that the winter break would be a good time to start, so we did and she’s done really well with the whole thing. She immediately got the potty part, but the pooping part took some work. At first we used a pull up just for when she had to go poop, but then I decided no pull up whatsoever (except bedtime) and we had some messy situations, but now, she tells me when she has to go and she goes. It’s so nice not having to change diapers, but it sure is a huge milestone that makes me a bit sad because it signifies my baby is now a big girl. Go Kota, go!
  • Harper is growing by leaps and bounds as well. He does things now that were really hard a year ago. He dresses himself, helps me with folding laundry, helps to take care of Ginger (our dog), follows the directions to build Lego creations on his own, practices writing his letters on his own and so much more. Last week, when it was my turn to put him to bed (Tony and I switch kids each night) I decided we’d play a game. Ever since that night, we play a card game or board game before bed and he really looks forward to the one on one time. It amazes me how big he is and how far he’s come in the past year. Go Harper, go!
  • Landon handed me a course selection sheet for next year. A course selection sheet for HIGH SCHOOL! I played it cool in front of him, but inside, I winced a little. That boy has grown so much in the past year, it’s crazy. He’s taller than I am and he’s become interested in working out, so he really looks like a young man versus a kid…and he’s only 13. He still struggles with school, but he’s doing better now than before, so we take what we can get. His attitude about school is poor, but we keep working with him and we are attempting to teach him a little about work ethic along the way. He’s still really into dub step type music and I still catch him practicing his dance moves here and there. He’s, of course, still into video games and is beginning to get into texting with his friends every once in awhile. He’s really a super cool kid. Go Landon, go!
  • Zoe started her last semester of college on Tuesday. You heard that right, last semester of college. She’ll be graduating this May! It’s so weird. Since she just started classes she doesn’t have a whole lot to say about them yet, but she’s only going Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this semester, so she has lots of off time, which will be good for work and/or studying. The catering business is at a standstill right now, but hopefully it’ll pick back up soon when the weather warms a bit. Go Zoe, go!

That’s a pretty decent update on the kids, but I really need to jot down more about what the two youngest are up to since they are going through all those super important milestones right now.

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Leslie said...

Time flys!! Sounds like your family is growing fast!! : ) I envy you still having the little ones. I miss little people!! : )

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