Thursday, January 29, 2015

Eco Adventure

A friend of Harper’s invited him to a place called Eco Adventure today. We had wanted to go a few weeks ago but because no one else had called to register for that particular day, it had been cancelled. So, this play date was the perfect opportunity for us to try this place out.

It was a cool place with lots of animals to look at and lots of little play areas to explore. There was a room for arts and crafts type activities  and then another larger room for active play. There were costumes to dress up in, little animals to take care of, balls to bounce, books, puzzles, play dough, and a sand box. The larger activity room was nice because there was lots of room for the kids to run around and use their imagination. The playtime was from 10:30-12pm and it took Dakota nearly the first hour to get comfortable enough to play…and then, of course, she didn’t want to leave.

Harper had a wonderful time playing with his friend (and the other kids that were there!) and I got to chat with his friends mom which is always nice.


I think Dakota’s favorite thing to do was play with a little stuffed puppy. It came with a crate and a bunch of dog necessities. She sat on my lap and took care of the puppy for a long time before I asked her if we could try something else.


Harper and his friends played with the puppets for a long time. They weren’t using them as puppets but as creatures that were attacking each other. Lots of running and falling down and laughing.



After awhile they called all of the kids into the main room to see some animals up close. They got to see and touch a toad, a baby alligator and a snake. The lady even put the toad onto the carpet and tried to get it to eat a worm in front of the kids, but the toad just kind of played with the worm as the worm tried to escape. The toad never did eat the worm.







After learning all about the snake, alligator and toad, it was back to play time.




We had a really good morning and as we were leaving both kids asked if we could go back again another time. At $10 per kid it’s not something we’ll do weekly or anything, but I know we’ll definitely go back!

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