Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Mess of a Weekend

It’s been terribly cold up here for the past several days (weeks?). We’ve mostly been stuck inside, just getting through this cold winter, but this weekend has sure been a doozy.

It all started on Friday when Mema got home from watching Dakota. (I had to work at the preschool and she kept Dakota for me.) When she got home she found that her water pipe had busted and there was water all over her floors. Umpa had been trying to clean it up, but he thinks it happened while he was asleep and he didn’t know until the floor was already pretty flooded. They were able to get someone out there the next morning to fix the pipe, but now they have all kinds of water damage to deal with. Ugh.

Saturday morning, before it began snowing, we all got up and took Ginger to the groomer for her appointment. Tony, the little kids and I ran a few errands and then went home. While we were waiting for the groomer to call it started to snow. The groomer finally called around 11:45am and Tony left to get the dog. As he was waiting to turn left off of our main road, a truck plowed into the back of him. It did quite a bit of damage to the van but fortunately he wasn’t hurt. (No one in the other vehicle was hurt either.) He exchanged info with the lady driving the truck and then went to get the dog. The van is pretty messed up and now we’ll be dealing with the unpleasantness of car insurance and car repairs, but I am ever so grateful that Tony wasn’t injured.




Also, on Saturday, Zoe was scheduled to work a party of some sort. She waited all day for them to cancel but when they didn’t, Brandon offered to drive her to work so that she wouldn’t have to drive in that mess.They got 10 minutes away from the location and her boss told her that it had just been canceled! So, they had to turn around and head home only the roads were so bad by that time that it took them hours to get home. They got stuck when going uphill and luckily for them some lady helped them push their car out. Then they helped get her out as well. Zoe said there were cars stranded all over the road and it was nerve-wracking. I’m so glad they both made it back home safe too!  What a mess!

This winter weather isn’t so bad when you’re snug in your house but what a mess to have to go out in it! I think we’re in the clear for a while now, no snow or icy weather in our forecast. But, the kids do have ANOTHER 2 hour delay tomorrow morning which means no preschool for Harper.



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Leslie said...

Ooooh girl!! I don't know what happened on Saturday. I drove 5 miles up the road to meet some friends from breakfast.. it hadn't started snowing yet. By the time we left the diner there was a good few inches of snow and cars... cars stuck everywhere. Ive never seen so much traffic on a Saturday. The 10 minute ride home from white marsh took us 3 hours. It was crazy.
Sorry about your van! that's the worst! Hope that you all were able to enjoy the snow a little.

Oh.. and now schools are late. What? lol

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