Monday, February 23, 2015

Our New Ride

Tony ended up staying home today to get this whole car accident mess cleared up. He was on the phone early this morning with our insurance and we ended up finding out that the girl who hit us didn’t have any insurance! What a mess. Once Landon went to school (another 2 hour delay which meant Harper was off again!) Tony and I took the van into the shop to have it looked at. When we got there they told us it wasn’t fit to drive since the lights were broken and a guy from Enterprise picked us up to go get a rental. (The two little’s went to Mema’s to play while we went to do all this.)

The guy from Enterprise told us that he didn’t have much to offer us because of all the snow/ice related accidents over the past few days. He wasn’t kidding! The only two vehicles they could loan us were cargo vans; either a 15 passenger or a 2 passenger. That’s it. Since we have children, we had to take the 15 passenger van just so we’d be able to drive them home! We joked about making deliveries or possibly buying something large since we had the room, but really, I was very hesitant to drive something so massive. It was hard to get the kids in and out of too because there is only one door on the side and only one row of seating was in the van.


The guy at Enterprise told us to come back later that evening and they’d have something for us, and around 5pm Tony went back up there to change out that huge van for something a little more reasonable. We ended up with a mini van, and I think I can handle that. (It’s not MY mini-van, so it’s not cool, but I can drive it, so all is good.) This evening Tony got an email from the repair shop saying that they estimate that we’ll have our van back by March 16. MARCH 16th.

Pray we get it back sooner, will ya?

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